What’s in the name?

5th March 2019 Off By malay.c.mehta
Bees at work on a lemon flower

We generally hear people speaking this line, What’s in the name? My answer to them is ” Pretty much Everything the name is the first thing that communicates who you are, it is the first introduction of you to the whole world, it is the first message bearer.

Okay, then why Ecotika?

Ecotika is made up of two words Ecology + vaTika = EcoTika, it is my belief that a garden (Vatika) is a miniature version of a Farm. We love gardening because our ancestors survived on agriculture and it is this reason why we love gardening, it is this reason while in garden we feel secure, loved and happy.

Hence it becomes all the more important that our gardening practices take care of ecological issues and helps bring about a positive change in ecology and ecosystem. Hence the name Ecotika, at Ecotika we constantly try to develop and promote products that help in this cause. I hope you will join hands with Ecotika to further this cause.