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Super compost | 4.5Kg Pack | Compost with authentic cow dung reinforced with natural minerals and PSB | Organic product


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Key Features

  1. Made with authentic cow dung and 18 other ingredients to ensure most holistic nutrition,
  2. Made by hot composting,
  3. Reinforced with natural minerals and friendly bacteria,
  4. Rich in micronutrients,
  5. Special mineral composition helps your garden soil to remain soft and absorb water even on Hottest summer days.
  6. Use directly or make a fertilizer tea,
  7. Rich in Potassium, makes it ideal to use even in hot summer,
  8. Contains 10% to 15% moisture to conserve good bacteria,
  9. Typical NPK 0.5-0.4-1.0.

Detailed Description of the product

Super Compost

Ecotika’s Super compost is a multi ingredient compost consisting of authentic cow dung taken from healthy cows on natural diet, natural minerals, seaweed etc. This product is made by hot composting to ensure the decomposition is complete. The product is then reinforced with PSB (phosphorus solubilizing bacteria). Typical nutrient delivery is as follows;

Nutrient % per dose (gm)
N 0.5% 0.450
P 0.4% 0.400
K 1.0% 0.950
Ca/CaO 2.53% 2.525
Mg 0.80% 0.800
S 3.65% 3.653
Fe 0.10% 0.098
Zn 0.17% 0.165


The product is rich in Potassium thus ensuring your plant is able to manage water efficiently even in hot summer months.

Contains 10% to 15% moisture to ensure bacteria remain healthy.