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Combo Nitro Phos and MOP 1Kg each


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Complete management of NPK requirements for your garden along with micronutrients. Make any combination you desire with these two products.

Detailed Description of the product

Key Features;

  1. Made for each other; Combination of Nitro Phos and MOP is a made for each other, Nitro-Phos is rich in Nitrogen and Phosphorus while MOP is a Potassium source. This Combo Helps you make your own mix and match fertilizer for most of the needs.
  2. Hand Made; Nitro Phos is an handmade and prepared freshly for each order, It is prepared by using only vegan and Natural mineral source. This provides you with safe and pathogen free product that even Children can handle.
  3. Use in Multiple ways; Both in any combination can be used directly, made into fertilizer tea or can be used as suspension. This aids in ease of use and range.

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4 reviews for Combo Nitro Phos and MOP 1Kg each

  1. Nandini panikar

    Came late, but in good condition, a worth purchase.

  2. Kausar Shiekh

    Solves most fertilizer needs, but Not recommended for hibiscus.

  3. Umakant Shukla


  4. Ashwini Kumar

    Good combo solves most of the requirements

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