Make you own Fertilizer Combo | 3 Component custom combo | 2 Pounds (900-1000 Grams each)

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Make your own Fertilizer Combo. Choose from a Choice of three different Fertilizer classes Traditional Oil seed cake fertilizers, Fertilizer blends for Flowering plants and Natural minerals. You can choose any from among the three classes.

You can pick a maximum of three packs in total, does't matter if they are from a single class or one pack from all the three classes your total must be 3 packs in total. Feel Free and make your own combination.
Traditional Fertilizer 2 Pounds (900 to 1000 Grams pack)
Please choose a Traditional Oil seed meal fertilizer for your plants. All the Oil seed meals are prepared from Cold pressed oil seed cakes and are beneficial for a wide variety of plants. Oil seed meals are not only good fertilizers but are also double up as Either soil amendment or Pest control agent or a vital source of Micro nutrients.
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Blend for Flowering plant (2 Pounds/900-1000 grams pack)
Our Flowering plant blends are carefully crafted for nourishing the plants and providing the with nutrients they need for their proper growth and flowering.
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Choose Natural Mineral
Natural Mineral and clays for your garden. Minerals add vital Micro nutrients, Help to alter the pH, Help to make soil more water permissible, Increase the Cation-Exchange-Capacity, Hold more water and what not.
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