Nature and 5 lessons

26th March 2019 Off By malay.c.mehta

What is Nature? This one word has as many definitions as one can imagine but has the potential to remain undefined. For some it may mean a phenomenon, for some it is a teacher, for some it is mother, a judge, a prosecutor, you choose your own. Is there any correct definition, perhaps all of them are correct it depends on ones vision and every to them it is the correct definition.

Why am I discussing Nature today, for most of my little professional life I had played the role of an Engineer at Hydro sites and had the opportunity to experience oneness with nature and saw her as mother, but what happened today is I got a different perspective of nature and saw her as a Mentor and thought of sharing my observations with you all.

Every Mentor has a lesson plan it wants his/her follower to learn. Today nature bestowed me with a vision of viewing her lesson plan. The titles of these lessons are Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn and Winter. What but are these not the names of five seasons we experience in India? Yes they are but today for me these are the five most important lessons.


Lets have a look at the first Lesson the Spring. If you consider life as stage then Spring is a start, one should begin any endeavor with Joy, hopefulness, positivity and unleash the most beautiful imagination one can create of the intended outcome. Flowers bloom in spring and represent this very imagination. Begin with Joy is the message of Spring.


Once you have created a grand vision of the outcome, now is the time to work hard towards it and prove your worth. If your are suffering from a tough time know this Nature has given you the test only lucky few get. Summer is one of the most difficult and painful time for all living beings but it is this pain that lays the foundation of success. It is this pain that tests the eligibility of the recipient of success. Timid and unworthy will die back, merciless, yes true but this is what summer is meant to do. If you are facing a tough time, know this Nature is testing your eligibility give your best because it is lucky few who get the chance to be tested by Nature. Grandest vision gets tested by toughest summer.


When Nature is done with its testing and selecting the worthy, it showers her love and care in the form of Monsoon showers where everything worthy comes to life and spreads. Monsoon is the opportunity and a challenge. Opportunity because nature makes available the resources necessary for growth and challenge because now everything is competing for them and growing fast hence you need to create your own space. Absorb fast and grow fast, Opportunity comes be ready to accept it.


Once you have selected and visualized your goal, worked hard to establish yourself, received the opportunity and used it to fuel your growth now is the time to celebrate the success. In spring flowers represented your vision, did you even notice the leaves, leaves were the silent workers who would work tirelessly to realize your vision, come Autumn and every leaf is a flower. Autumn for me is the grand expression and manifestation of your initial vision. But the irony is, only the blessed have the sight to cherish it. Nature takes your initial vision, makes yo work harder to realize it and when it is satisfied, gifts your initial vision back to you in the most beautiful manifestation, but it is up to you to understand it and have the sight to see it and accept it.


After all the visualizing, hard working, growing and partying is done it is time to reflect on the sequence of events and prepare yourself for a new beginning.

In which season are you in do tell me about it and share your thoughts on your vision of Nature. See you soon with more till then stay blessed and feel the shower of grace.