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Natural Fertilizers

Our Belief

Ecotika believes that for a healthy society, healthy green cover which is sustainable is very important and to ensure that green cover remains sustainable we must ensure that soil microbiology and micro ecosystem is healthy. Use of natural fertilizers is the way forward. With this philosophy at heart, Ecotika has developed several fertilizer blends using traditional vegan and natural mineral ingredients that have been used since ages in Indian tradition to enhance Soil fertility. 
Our signature blends follow natural cycle of plant nutrition i.e the ingredients of the blend are first consumed and digested by soil bacterial and organisms. This way Blends helps to increase their population thus reviving the soil microbiology and micro environment. While the contents of the blend are consumed by the way of digestion of these ingredients a slow and sustained nutrient release starts which can be absorbed by plants. This trait is very helpful in retaining nutrients in sandy and poor soil types. 
Since the nutrients are released in slow fashion there is less chance of nutrients getting leached to surface or sub-surface water bodies thereby reducing water pollution. 

Benefits of using natural fertilizers?

detailed content Natural and Ecofriendly traditional values

Key Benefits

  • Blends help to develop and sustain soil health thereby making it a living soil.
  • Healthy soil is capable of supporting a wide range of plants and thereby is beneficial for society.
  • Blends overtime help soil to absorb more water, hence reducing water consumption.
  • Blends help to retain nutrients in sandy and poor soil thus help to reduce the fertilizer requirements.
  • Since all of Ecotika’s blends and fertilizers consist majority ingredients of natural and plant origin, it can be safely understood that they provide plants with wholesome nutrition along with much needed NPK.
  • Slow release nature of the blends help plants to absorb more nutrients, this helps a) to reduce input cost of nutrients, b) Helps to reduce water pollution.
  • All of Ecotika’s blends and fertilizers are essentially free from Bio-solids, Sewage Sludge, Slaughter house wastes thus the risk of heavy metal presence and presence of harmful pathogens is greatly reduced. 

Initiatives we support

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