Natural Fertilizers and more…


Ecotika are a Brand that produces and promotes the use of natural fertilizers for Home gardens. Our fertilizers are based on Indian Traditional knowledge and modern scientific research. We strive to make our products not just Eco-friendly but also have least possible environmental foot print right from concept to production to usage at customer end and after use. So much so that we have gone an extra mile to introduce paper packaging (no single use plastic) for all our fertilizers.

Hand make

Our products are proudly handmade. Since we are comfortable handling them and crafting various fertilizers and blends for you, you can be sure they are safe to be handled by you. Making products by hand also employs women who take pride in crafting them for you and we also cut carbon emissions. Hence products brought to you by us are safe, they create employment opportunities and cut carbon emissions. Isn’t it wonderful…

Natural Fertilizers

living soil

Because Natural fertilizers feed the plant using natural nutrition cycle and supports the food chain of Soil dwelling organisms. This way these fertilizers promote living soil. When the soil is healthy, naturally the plant in it will be healthy and happy. This also gives you long term benefits like cutting your fertilizer bill and increased retention of moisture.

For Urban Gardens


Gardening is all about giving. But the crux is how much, how often and what. Instead of you we did the tough work and made very easy to use smart fertilizer that not only takes care of the dosage but also saves your time and efforts. And did we tell you it is pocket friendly as well. Take a look…