Gardening and Wisdom

14th March 2019 Off By malay.c.mehta

A lot many people believe that wisdom comes with experience, while this is true there is one more source of wisdom especially for maintaining relations and that source is Gardening.

How? Let’s talk, let us suppose that you have a beautiful plant in your balcony and you love it and cherish it, but it has lot of old dead branches and one fine day you decide to remove the dead branches. Why do you want to remove these dead branches,

Because you want the plant to divert its resources, energy to productive and live branches rather than wasting them on dead ones.

Relations are like plants and experiences and memories are like its branches, in every relation there are good memories and bad memories. Just as for plant to keep it healthy you must remove the dead branches and not cut the whole plant, in the same way, in a relations you must remove the bad memories and encourage the good ones.

When you remove the dead wood from your plant of relations you see a magical transformation, the plant starts to form new healthy branches that further beautify and strengthens the relation and keeps it healthy.

I hope you will start removing the dead wood from your old and prized relations and give them a new life. Also remember to feed your plant with a good natural fertilizer and nourish relations with your affection, care, understanding and forgiveness.

See you soon with some other topic, in the meanwhile if you wish to contribute and write your own experiences and share your wisdom please use the blog space Tea, me and my thoughts in garden at Ecotika Garden.

Till then wish you happy gardening and remember summer is approaching keep your plants hydrated.