Neem leaf made easy

Nature’s Own pest repellent and our daily bath solution

Neem leaf powder is counted as effective pest repellent, mosquito repellent and daily bath solution
Neem leaf

Neem Leaves have been used since ancient times for their ability to deter pests and mosquitoes and rodents.

They have been also used as bath solution as they are known to cure several skin diseases and is also a fungicide.

Neem leaves when applied to soil act as food for Earthworms.

How to use?

Use as it is

You can apply  directly to plant soil in dosage recommended (20-30 grams), make a small trench ( depth approx. 1-2 inch) spread it uniformly and then cover it with soil. Then water the plant thoroughly.

make a trench to apply fertilizer
Make a trench to apply fertilizer

Blend with other fertilizer

It can be blended with other mild fertilizer to boost nutrient content. To do this please mix them in the desired ratio and apply immediately. It is highly recommended to make the blend enough for just one time, do not mix and store the blend.

Brew a tea

Tea acts as Foliar spray for plants and is good when you have to cater more plants with limited supply.
Alfalfa tea

Tea acts as Foliar spray for plants and is good when you have to cater more plants with limited supply. To make tea, please soak 100 grams (approx. 1/2 of 1/2 pound pack) in 2 liters of water cover the vessel with muslin cloth and keep for overnight. Once the tea is brewed mix this water with other 3 liters of fresh water to make a 5 liter solution and water plants with this. If you wish to dilute it further this can be done.

You can also further dilute and use for daily bathing.

Which Plants benefit from it?

Neem tree is natures own pharmacy. Smoke from neem leaves has proved to deter mosquitoes
Neem Tree

Neem leaves have been used as  pest repellent and can be used to dust leaves, make tea spread in soil for repelling pests and is also a fungicide.

It can be mixed with fertilizers to deter mice and other rodents from harming the fertilizer bags and plants. They are safe to be used also as antiseptic and can be used to bathing

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neem leaf
neem leaf

Do you want to make your Custom fertilizer mix?

Alright then, visit our Blending area to make your own blend from Authentic ingredients. Wish you happy blending.