Herbal Mix made easy

Herbal fertilizer made from multi herb combination

Intelligent mixture of various herbs to give an NPK ratio of 4-0.3-1.5. This is a Moderate to Fast release fertilizer as decomposition rate is fast.

Other Nutrients include Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Zinc at approximately 1.9%, 0.5%, 0.03%, 0.001% and 0.0025% respectively

How to use?

Use as it is

make a trench to apply fertilizer
Trench around plant to apply fertilizer

You can apply  directly to plant soil in dosage recommended (20-30 grams), make a small trench ( depth approx. 1-2 inch) spread it uniformly and then cover it with soil. Then water the plant thoroughly.

Blend with other fertilizer

It can be blended with other mild fertilizer to boost nutrient content. To do this please mix them in the desired ratio and apply immediately. It is highly recommended to make the blend enough for just one time, do not mix and store the blend.

Fertilizer tea
Fertilizer tea

Brew a tea

Tea acts as Foliar spray for plants and is good when you have to cater more plants with limited supply. To make tea, please soak 100 grams (approx. 1/2 of 1/2 pound pack) in 2 liters of water cover the vessel with muslin cloth and keep for 2-3 days in sunny location. Once the tea is brewed mix this water with other 3 liters of fresh water to make a 5 liter solution and water plants with this. If you wish to dilute it further this can be done.

Which Plants benefit from it?

This is pretty much use it everywhere kind of fertilizer. Nearly all plants should benefit from its nutrient contents.

Use from Decorative plants like Money Plant, vegetables, to flowering plants use your imagination, experiment and learn how different plants react to a common fertilizer.

We can write paragraphs about the utility, but we choose to leave something for creativity and imagination. 🙂

herbal blend

Where can we buy Herbal Mix?

Herbal Mix can be bought from Ecotika India at affordable rates.

Do you want to make your Custom fertilizer mix?

Alright then, visit our Blending area to make your own blend from Authentic ingredients. Wish you happy blending.