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Library of common Gardening topics

This place carries articles and topics that interest Gardening enthusiasts, Amatures, Experts and readers who want to acquire new information alike. We have tried to compile these articles for your easy understanding, utility and application. If you feel you have something to share with us that can be a value addition to this section please contact us at the e-mail address given in the footer of this page. Wish you happy reading.


Fertilizers and concepts

We all know fertilizers are products that help provide additional nutrients to plants for their proper growth and metabolic functions. The real query is what is what, how it functions, their utilization,  difference between various fertilizers, nutrient deficiency identification, etc. This section attempts to impart as much clarity as possible with ever increasing lit of topics and papers. 



Plants and caring tips

We all love plants, in a way they are a part of family. Like all of us, they also have a character, persona and needs. When we understand these needs it becomes easier to understand them and provide better care. In this section you will find these very details for various plants and plant groups.

When it feels threatened they curl into a spiral.
Harpaphe Haydenianaa

Garden Dwellers: Identify friend or foe

Garden is incomplete without its inhabitants, be it a small balcony garden or a large backyard, you will find these garden dwellers everywhere. It is important to know if they are friends or foe. This helps to cut the unnecessary use of pesticides.