Fertilizers for happy plants and soil

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Ecotika has mastered the art of blending various fertilizer components of natural and traditional origin to make unique blends tailor made for whatever you wish to grow.

Enjoy the experience of making your very own fertilizer blend, custom made specially from a wide range of choices for Natural ingredients. 

Smile on your face is the first testimony of the quality of the product. Offering quality traditional single component fertilizers for ultimate DIY projects or direct use in garden.

Featured Products

Oil Seed Meals

Organic CottonSeed Meal | Traditional Fertilizer | For acid loving plants
Organic Castor Seed Meal | Traditional Fertilizer | Natural pest repellent
Mustard Oil cake | Traditional Fertilizer | Source of Micro nutrients

Natural Minerals

Horticulture Clay
Agriculture Grade Gypsum | Marine Origin
Rock Phosphate | Slow release Phosphate fertilizer

Fertilizer Blends

BUD Neo | All Purpose Fertilizer | Easy to use | Organic product
First Root | Mild Fertilizer for Seed Starting
Chrysanthemum Special | Ideal for use with Chrysanthemums

Combo and Super Savers

Combo Offer Set of Three Oil seed meals 1 Kg Each

Top Fertilizer Categories

Flowering plants

Fertilizers suitable for use with flowering plants

Fruits and Vegatables

fertilizers suitable for use with fruit and vegetable plantation

All Purpose

Fertilizers for use with any plant any season

Ornamental plants

Fertilizers for ornamental plants


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