Dream chooses its Dreamer

12th October 2019 Off By malay

Everyone of us have dreams some of us see when asleep but some rare species of people see dreams even when they are wide awake. A normal logic says what we see in our dreams is a result of the activity of our sub-conscious mind, true. But not always there is a special category of dreams that motivate you to do something with your life, they aspire you, they make you restless, they are like reminding of an unfinished agenda of your existence. It is this Dream that chooses it dreamer. These dreams come to that special category, the rare species of people most of them are called “MAD” Motivated And Disciplined.

Now you must be thinking that what is special about it almost everybody dreams of reaching some pinnacle, making an invention or it could be establishing a successful business and so on. Then how do you justify the topic “ Dream chooses its dreamer”. There is a way, consider dream to be a very beautiful girl you are free to imagine about the most beautiful girl you have ever encountered. The girl attracts the attention of most people who come across her (both men and women). Men who are in search of a life partner want to get her love, attention and trust. Many then think she is way above my standard and drop off without even making their first try, and this ratio is around 80%. Remaining 20% try their luck, when the girl is not attracted with their first try they drop off with an excuse that she is not worth more attempts. Here we must remember that the girl is same and her beauty (physical and spiritual) is still unquestioned. The percentage that now remains in the contest of the original 100% is now just 1%. It is here that the real test starts, in my terms it is the steep hill climb that starts now. Prospective partners try everything in their arsenal from extremely stupid to very intelligent tricks, to get the girl commit to them. But here they forget it is the girl who is always a step or two ahead of them (Don’t ask me how, it is engineered by nature). As the time passes and number of attempts increase number of participants decrease and steepness of the hill increases. The number of contestants is now down to just a handful of them. It is now where the girl now chooses the MAD from the rest of the lot based on her judgement and persistence of the contestant, his motivation, his discipline and loyalty. Once the girl has mad up her mind and finally chooses to surrender to this MAD, it is here the magic happens The MAD becomes the Blessed.

Now replace the girl in the above example and replace it with the Dream. The men who want the girl now become the aspirants and includes both Men and women. Some of the aspirants love the dream and understand the value of it but do not have the courage to even make a try and drop off. Others are little more brave and give it try but choose to flee with mere an indication of an upcoming steep hill climb. Remaining few dare to climb but start to drop off as the climb continues. Then there is a point where just one aspirant is still climbing the hill (and mind you the hill is covered in fog so you don’t see till how long you have to climb and seems to be an endless climb), if this one last aspirant chooses to drop off the whole cycle starts off again, but if the aspirant chooses to continue the climb there comes a moment where there is no more have, no fog, no uncertainty that he (it could be she as well) has reached the pinnacle and from here it is the dream that bestows him with imagined abundance.

You never know till how long is a dream travelling in its quest of a dreamer, if it has come to you cherish it and consider yourself lucky to be worth of its attention but be prepared for an uphill and seemingly never ending climb to pinnacle. But rest assured if you are honest in your quest to reach the pinnacle, disciplined in your approach and have a motivated mindset the dream is bound to select you. Here I want to make it clear that there is a difference between aspirant and dreamer. Aspirant are those who work to achieve what they have dreamed off and dreamers are those who have finally achieved it. Hence the Dream always chooses it dreamer.

I have presented my thoughts on the subject and am curious to know your, please leave your comments I would appreciate them.