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Detailed Contnet
Detailed Content

Detailed content and subject information like dosage, application, general information and safety precautions help you make better choices and increases you confidence in your choice. It is always good to have in depth product information that enables the users to decide the use of the product they are viewing. It is recommended that users read the content and make a better choice.

Customization in products

Freedom to Customize a product adds immense value to money. You can customize the way your product is packed be it in default packaging, resealable pouch or environment friendly packing. This feature is available across all categories and products. It is available free of cost in Ecotika’s Signature fertilizer blends and Premium fertilizers, rest in other products this feature is available at very reasonable charges.

environment friendly products and packing

The need of the hour is being environment friendly at every step and minimize the foot print of your activity. Ecotika’s product line be it in house products or affiliate products, are all produced with this bottom line embedded at design stage. Right from concept to production to packaging till packing for dispatch, this philosophy of minimizing our activity footprint is a mandatory requirement. Hence you can be sure of the product that you are using is not only safe for your use but will also have an positive impact on environment.

free shipping

Ecotika believes that value is built in at every step of the product or service design, hence all our products across all categories are free from extra shipping charges, hence you pay what you see on screen.

traditional values

India is a country with thousands of years of rich cultural, moral, scientific and social heritage. Respecting this heritage, Ecotika adds the collective knowledge and wisdom of the society to the product and services. During the inception of the company we realized that even in the field of fertilizers India has a lot to offer to the world. Hence we have made all efforts to encourage the use of ingredients, methodologies and essence at every stage. We insist on not using ingredients like Bone meal, feather meal, fish emulsions, meat and other slaughter house wastes in all our products and the same has been communicated to affiliate product owners. You can be sure that what you are giving to your plants or using in your home around children, holy corners or holy plants is all made from vegetarian and fit for use in holy places (Tulsi, Banana, Mango, Asopalav, Mango etc.)

value for money

A company is formed the a sole purpose of earning profits, but Ecotika believes that profits that a company earns should be justified with the value its product generates for its users. We have made all efforts to justify the price of our products to the value our products bring to our customers, weather it be safety in handling, efforts to ensure no artificiality in ingredients, optimization in packing and shipping, giving in-depth knowledge about the product. We make this solemn commitment to all our users and stake holders to keep adding value to our products to serve you better.

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