Category: Self motivation and self healing (gardener’s wisdom)

Garden is a place of miracles, and a cradle of life. It is a place where Nature bestows the visitor with thoughts, ideas and emotions that can truly transform an individual. People who love and enjoy gardening are intelligent and have a good emotional quotient. Articles in this category reflect this very idea. Writer(s) of articles of these categories conceived these  thoughts in their gardens and bring them here for you to read and reflect upon these ideas and thoughts. Since these articles are straight from heart they connect instantly with the reader.

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Dream chooses its Dreamer

By malay

how do you justify the topic ” Dream chooses its dreamer”. There is a way, consider dream to be a very beautiful girl you are free to imagine about the most beautiful girl you have ever encountered.

How it all started

By malay

Gardening was always my hobby and my job postings blissfully kept me near the nature, where I could feel the nature and understand it better. I kept experimenting with different potting mixes and fertilizers of my own and kept recording the data.