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Bud Neo is a Complete fertilizer and is designed as a slow and sustain release vegan fertilizer ball. Being a complete fertilizer it can be used with flowering, fruiting and ornamental plants alike. It provides all the vital nutrients to plants. This product is designed as an all purpose fertilizer which is useful to all plants in all seasons. We had tested BUD for its efficacy in Kachchh Dist. of Gujarat with Summer temperatures crossing 45 Deg centigrade. This new edition of BUD called BUD Neo is an improvement over its predecessor BUD classic.


  1. Key features of BUD
    1. Sustained release
    2. Water conservation
    3. User Friendly
    4. Nature Conservation/Living soil
    5. Vegan Ingredients
  2. Nutrition analysis of BUD Neo
  3. Plants that have benefited with BUD
  4. User Testimony
  5. Videos on BUD Usage and results

Key features of BUD

Vegan fertilizer ball in a pot
BUD is a drop and forget product

Sustained release

Since BUD is a slow release fertilizer, it is designed to release nutrients to plant in at a slow rate. By doing so leaching (Washing away of nutrients, wastage) of nutrients is reduced. Plants get ample time to absorb the nutrients for their growth. Now since the wastage is reduced and plants get time to absorb, small amounts of nutrients are able to deliver results. This way natural resources can be conserved.

Water conservation

BUD can store water and release to plant as required.
BUD can absorb 65% of its weight in water, thus helping store water and allowing plants to access it.

Water is one on the extremely vital and fast deleting resource. Every gardening enthusiast suffers from the dilemma of conserving water and watering garden. Bud is made up of a special clay combination can absorb 65% of its own weight in water without deforming or breaking. This way plants can benefit by absorbing water from BUD. BUD employs principles of clay technology and Hence, helps absorb water.

Vegan fertilizer ball is user friendly

BUD is easy to use, It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

BUD usage Instructions
Steps to use BUD

Nature Conservation (Living Soil)

BUD (vegan fertilizer ball) is also a food source for earthworms
BUD acts as food source for Earthworms (2 can be seen here)

Every garden is called a garden when there are soil dwelling organisms like Earthworm, millipede, rolly-pollies, snails, beneficial soil microbes, etc. To sustain a healthy and thriving population of these organisms soil must provide sustained food. When these organisms are feed well, they ensure sustained supply of vital plant nutrients. Apart from release of nutrients they also help aerate the soil making it easier for roots to breathe and yes it also reduces your work load of tilling the garden soil manually. BUD comprises of natural ingredients that are vegan in nature, these ingredients help feed soil organisms that initiates a food chain and living soil starts to take form. Actually BUD is a fertilizer blend rather than being a combination of one or two ingredients.

Vegan Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, BUD is made up of vegan ingredients. Which means it does not contain Bio-Solids, Sewage Sludge, Slaughter house waste, Fish processing waste. Hence does not pose a risk of pathogens and heavy metals being transferred to you and your garden. That way BUD can be safely handled by Children and can be used to familiarize them with nature, garden and can be a fun activity as well, But please bear in my that BUD is a fertilizer and is not meant for human consumption :-).

Nutrients Analysis

Test reports for BUD Neo confirm that BUD Neo is a complete nutrition solution for plants. Following table mentions the elements and their availability in BUD Neo. The table divides elements in 4 categories namely Non-fertilizer, Primary, Secondary and Micro nutrients.

Sr. no Type of Nutrient Nutrient Availability
1Non-Fertilizer Element Total Organic Carbon (%) 16.77
2Primary Nitrogen as (N) % 1.3
3Primary Phosphates as P2O5 % 1.3
4PrimaryPotash as K2O %2.6
5SecondaryCalcium as Ca %0.7
6SecondaryMagnesium as Mg %0.7
7SecondarySulphur as S %2.2
8MicroIron as Fe %1.67
9MicroBoron as B %0.01
10MicroCopper as Cu %0.02
11Micro Zinc as Zn %0.07
12MicroManganese as Mn %0.09

Plants that have benefited with BUD

We have tested and used BUD with all types of plants and in all weather conditions. We have successfully deployed BUD even in Hot summers of Kachchh where temperatures sore to 45 Deg cel. BUD is designed to deliver vital Primary, Secondary and micro nutrients to plant. We have used BUD on fruiting plants resulting in marked increase in fruit size. Dormant plants have been successfully revived.

User Testimony for BUD the Vegan fertilizer ball

Videos on BUD Usage and its effects