Ancient Wisdom and Modern world

7th March 2019 Off By malay

Ancient wisdom is the result of careful observations and experimentation done for centuries by our earlier generations. These observations were relevant then, but are they relevant now?

In my opinion they are more relevant now, because in today’s modern life style we have ruined most of the delicate balance we used to have between our lifestyle and nature, hence resulting in more and more diseases and ailments.

Take for example ancient wisdom taught us how to practice sustainable agriculture that benefited from natural cycle. All the components used in agriculture were organic and helped useful bacteria and earthworms to prosper and feed our crops with a healthy diet of balanced nutrients. Crops used less water and the quality of produce was much higher. I remember reading an article about Terra preta, it described how ancient Amazonian people used wood charcoal to solve the problem of nutrient leaching into ground and washing away to rivers during heavy rains. This practice had resulted in formation of very fertile patches of land in the midst of Amazon forest. In an similar way Indian ancestors and Indian scriptures lay emphasis on use of Cow dung as fertilizer and pesticide for farmlands this results in a cycle of sustainable agriculture where waste of one is the feed of the other process. This practice helped farmers to save on fertilizers and pesticides.

With this example and keeping in perspective the problems faced by farmers today do you not think it is high time that we shift our gears back to Ancient wisdom and elevate much of the modern life problems.

Please share your thoughts on the subject, will wait for you.